Lectors/Eucharistic Ministers

The Ministry of the Lector is not voluntary public speaking and these skills are secondary to what is most important. 

First and foremost, this ministry is an invitation to a deep and honest reflection of our individual journey with Jesus Christ. 

Lectors are called to bring all that they are into the presence of God and to appreciate the effect of the Word of God on themselves and to those to whom they proclaim this living text.


The Ministry of Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is for baptized and confirmed individuals who will assist the Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion (Priest or Deacon)

in the distribution of Holy Eucharist.

Please contact the Parish Office if you are interested in becoming a part of these very important ministries.

November 2022 Lector Schedule

November 2022 Eucharistic Minister Schedule

December 2022 Lector Schedule

December 2022 Eucharistic Minister Schedule