God calls us to labor for His Glory.

We work for the advancement of God’s Kingdom through a variety of ministries. Listed below are our active ministries.

To learn more about them, simply hover over the ‘Ministries’ tab along the navigation bar above and click on your ministry of choice utilizing the drop-down menu.

  • Christian Formation: Aims to provide spiritual education, utilizing the teachings of the Catholic Faith, for all members and in particular, the children of our parish.
  • Communications & Publicity: Aims to make our community aware of the vitality of Our Lady of Assumption Parish with the purpose of creating positive community relations.
  • HealthCare Ministry: Aims to embrace the church’s mission for the spiritual, social, emotional, and physical well being of the individual and the whole family.
  • Ladies Guild: Aims to support the parish and priests, foster a sense of community among parishioners, practice social work and charity, and promote the Catholic faith.
  • Liturgy & Worship: Aims to make the Eucharistic celebration the center of the Catholic faith community’s unique encounter with the Risen Lord.
  • Marriage Preparation: Marriage is a sacrament and as such is a visible sign of an invisible reality to the world of God’s living presence in our midst.
  • Music Ministry: Aims to enhance the liturgy of the mass by integrating uplifting music and song into the service.
  • Nurse’s Corner Ministry: Aims to provide caring information and service about health to parishioners.
  • Site Services: Aims to maintain and expand all parish building facilities and grounds in a cost effective manner while complying to current building and safety requirements.
  • Social Action Committee: Aims to embrace, illuminate, and inspire the fulfillment of the second greatest commandment; love your neighbor as yourself.
  • Youth Group: Aims to ensure the youth of our community are connected, religiously expressive, and continuously build a lasting relationship with God and family.